Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hulu Fails To Overtake Youtube in LongTail streams

NBC Universal joined forces with News Corp to create the largest reservoir of reprocessed TV archives online. The two companies combined represent almost 70 percent of all media in the English-speaking world. Hulu website is a treasure trove of old nostalgia and insight into what’s new all at the same time. In the beginning months the traffic soared as the two media monsters promoted the site on their terrestrial television and printed media outlets. They created a bevy of affiliate sites to spread the same content and name faster. It grew fast, specially with the new TV season taking its first bow online at Hulu. Now, after several months, the traffic has dropped precipitously (30 percent!) as the novelty and audience dwindle. Their hopes on long tail content, that is deep content that will continue to rake in search returns, is not keeping their Hulu dance.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yahoo Defends Google Deal With Manipulated Pages

Yahoo tries to preempt government investigations into Google/Yahoo advertising deal with manipulated advertising returnsYahoo held a three day press conference in Washington last week to defend its joining in the Google adsense network. At risk here is creating a search advertising monopoly that grants Google 80 percent of the online advertising for search returns. Google is being evil and Yahoo is desperate for those Adsense revenues.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Domain Auctions French Out Value Italians Can This Happen? cheaper than
Now it may get personal

A quick look today brought me to the sale of on Sedo. Unbelievable that is going for a mere 1600 euro, about $2000. How can the big families in Italian and New York allow such a travesty? The domain fetched around $25,000 a couple months ago and to watch the Italians valued at 1/10 the French? Well that is just not tolerable. Nothing says Italian like

We expect some self-respected member of the Italian community in New York or Chicago might pick up on this bargain and make sure the gets its vig and show some respect.

This should be a great auction and we are waiting to see who gets to develop this gem of a property.

Check out the auction as it proceeds and save the name of Italy!


Monday, May 12, 2008

Palm Reader never Sold but Google Banned It?

We thought our buddies at Palm Reader would have seen the future but Google gagged them at the gate.

Seems the site was banned for no one knows but speculation abounds around their latest set of horoscope compatibility charts for Obama and Hillary! Makes for nice reading but we think the heavy hand of Google has just hammered another great domain by giving spam for the search instead of the actual site. Bad bad boys! Evil!

A quick look at MSN and Live shows the real results can be had on a real search engine and a look at Yahoo for gives the proper results at the top and the MFA (made for adsense) google sites after it.

Looks like Google did not like to lose the site to Yahoo ad network? What kind of screw got loose there?

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